PASSAGE book Presentation | João Bento

PASSAGE book Presentation, May 15th 2015, 7pm at Atelier Real.

The cycle PASSAGE that took place in Fundão during 2014 extending until April 2015, date of the first presentation of this book, was initially a proposal to bring, through a solo exhibition, my work to the city of my birth and where I grew up.
It would then become a major project undertaken over a period of one year, through the specificity of interdisciplinary guidelines of my work and the complementary/educational as well as performative program which we came to outline in conjunction with Miguel Rainha, cultural programmer of Fundão.
This program is defined by several once-off moments that took place in the city. This book is a testimony to those same happenings and reflections, through a very wide variety of disciplines, my research as a person and artist, opening it to the local community and to share with it some of these processes.

It was without doubt influenced by a relentless pursuit that my father, Jose Bento,
undertook about the identity and origins of Fundão, as well as for his part as an Archivist, marked by a strong relationship with philately, photography , videography and history of the area, which I witnesses very early in life and which is still one of the centre points of my work.
Being in the process of passing through has, among other meanings, that of “not having the intention to linger for too long”.
This project begins today and extends into the future. The way we thought it through
careful feedback , based on its own development, has provided the start to a concept that another artist may linger for some time on an annual basis here in Fundão.
Mine is thus marked.

Exhibitions, live acts, educational projects, curatorship, conversations, artistic residencies and radio transmissions at Fundão – Portugal. The project started March 2014 with an individual exhibition titled “PASSAGE a retro-expectation ” at Moagem museum between 28 March and 11 May. And continues by means of various other specific interventions throughout April 2015 in the city of Fundão .