Real Time Composition Workshop with João Fiadeiro


Introduction: 19th, 20th and 21st of June


Intensive / Introduction: 19th, 20th and 21st of June
The 19th – from 6 pm till 9 pm
The 20th and 21st – from 2 pm till 7 pm

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Amount: 70€
*For participants from previous 2015 workshops there’s a 15% discount


Becoming a thing. 
Becoming duration. 
Becoming an event.

Being occupied by a body. 
Being preoccupied with a body.

To disappear into the obvious. 
To (re)appear in the absence.
Leaving, at most, a track, a trace, a remnant.

Staying right there, on the subtle edge between here and there. Between being (human) and having (human).

João Fiadeiro, 2014
From the perspective of Real Time Composition, a creative gesture cannot come from an intention or a personal projection. It has to be the consequence of an encounter.
An encounter with a time, a space, another, a thing, an affect… The force of the encounter, its relevance, lies in its capacity to suspend our trajectory – even if for only a few milliseconds – generating doubt and amazement.

Real Time Composition gives us the tools we need to extend the opening time of this gap and raise the question we are concerned with, delaying the answer. It is this suspension that enables us to maintain the equidistance between concern and situation, and to discover, among the noise, excess and waste that surround us, what really affects, touches and moves us.

This course focuses exactly on this: the capacity we have to delay the answer, without just letting time pass by, or without losing time, without wasting time… That is to say, we have the capacity to suspend time instead of letting time immobilize us. The biggest challenge of Real Time Composition is to enable the ability to look at ourselves from the outside as events unfold and offer themselves to us. Through distancing ourselves, even though we are “matter” (especially because we are “matter”), we begin to notice details and relationships that would otherwise completely escape us if we relied solely on our usual patterns of perception. Thus, we may access new forms of
becoming sensitive to the world.

This intensive workshop will be dedicated to introducing a set of tools proposed by Real Time Composition, which can both be used for the training and practice of improvisation and applied in the creation of performing arts projects. Besides the presentation of a set of synthesizing videos and graphics that translate the principles and premises of this practice, a set of exercises will be proposed, ranging from a scale model developed to
simulate the practice of Real Time Composition in a “board game” format, to a body-scale where the underlying ethics will be tested in situation.

– Target participants
The workshop is open to anyone interested in practices of improvisation and composition.