From afar it was an island – New Work by João Fiadeiro/2018

Concept and Direction João Fiadeiro Co-direction Carolina Campos Performers and co-creators Adaline Anobile, Carolina Campos, Iván Haidar, Julián Pacomio, Nuno Lucas Visual Conception Nadia Lauro Sound Desing Jonathan Saldanha Light Desing and Technical Direction Leticia Skrycky Dramaturgy  Leonardo Mouramateus

Commissioned by Alkantara Festival 2018

Co-production Alkantara/Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (Lisbon), Festival DDD (Porto, Matosinhos, Gaia), Teatro Viriato (Viseu), Teatro Avenida (Castelo Branco), Centre National de la Danse (Paris)

Executive Production RE.AL

Tour Manager Something Great

Artistic Residencies Atelier Re.Al, Space Alkantara and DDD

Project co-financed by República Portuguesa – Cultura / DGArtes – Direção-Geral das Artes and by Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / Polo Cultural Gaivotas | Boavista

2018 Dates

May 3 _ Gaia, Portugal

May 19 _ Viseu, Portugal

May 26 _ Coimbra, Portugal

June 6, 7 and 8 _ Lisbon, Portugal

Sept 15 _ Vitória, Basque Country, Spain

From afar it was an island is the title of a children’s book by Italian designer Bruno Munari. In the book, Munari photographs a series of stones and rocks he found in southern Italy, organizing them to illustrate some of the principles and premises that underpin his practice and thought. Among them, the simple realization that perception is intimately bound up with context and relation, where a small change of perspective or scale is sufficient for a line to become a road, a particle of dust to become a planet, a stone to become an island. Dramaturgically our work doesn’t rely on the book directly, but what we seek in terms of quality of presence, duration and attention is rooted in these principles and games of perception that the book addresses.

From afar, what the performers say and do seems to make sense. There is in their movements a logical system – a sense of beginning, middle and end – that we recognize in our bodies and in the bodies we interact with daily (real or fictional, present or absent). But as time passes, we realize that those bodies are going nowhere and that they represent nothing more than their own presence. It doesn’t mean that they are going in circles. They are going somewhere. But the place they are moving towards is one they never left. A place where time is simultaneously suspended and expanding. A place where the end and the beginning overlap; the inside and the outside are reversed; and the center and the periphery blend. If we succeed (if we find this place and we are able to share it), we fulfill that which seems to us to be the only function of a work of art: to offer itself to the imagination.


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