Setting up a business in Dubai

Setting up a business in Dubai

Starting a new business in Dubai or even moving a running business here from any other part of the world, be it mainland company formation in Dubai or a free zone set up, it is not something that comes easy.

Dubai is gradually working hard for freeing its economy from dependency on oil and focusing on services industry. That is the reason behind establishing more and more businesses regardless of their type and size throughout UAE. In order to strengthen the business sector, international businesses have always been encouraged to move to the UAE. If you want to establish a new business in Dubai, or move your running business to any of the city’s jurisdictions, consider the following important points:

Location is the one main factor on which the success of any business depends. Unless located on a commercially viable place no business can prosper, be it well planned and managed. Acquisition of a suitably located commercial property in Dubai can be difficult as there have been several commercial real estate developments in Dubai but the supply still doesn’t fully meet the increasing demand. Getting a desired commercial property for sale or rent to establish a business in Dubai is therefore hard. This problem can be resolved if you have good contacts in the market and also by keeping yourself in close touch with property classifieds so that you become informed about the agents and individuals who sell commercial properties in Dubai.

The next thing you must need to start a business in Dubai is a sponsor, a UAE national. This condition doesn’t apply to a business set up in Dubai free zone but the free zone is not a place for small businesses. However, if you are planning big and can afford a commercial property in a free zone, that’s the best location. On other locations, you can’t start a company without partnering a UAE national.

After you are through these requirements, an office space in Dubai is something you need anyhow. You’re free to make a choice as there exist hundreds of offices for sale in Dubai but here too you have to be careful about the location of the office if you wish to be successful.