The Atelier Real is a coworking space that also welcomes production structures and contemporary artists on the fields of dance, performance, music, literature, design, photography and visual arts. The house is located in the heart of Lisbon, at Poço dos Negros street, 55, between the neighborhoods of Chiado and Santos, a very important axis of the city, regarding the cultural and the social aspect, where artistic structures meets the local commerce and and the increasing heterogeneous population. The

Atelier REAL will keep being the “house“ of the RE.AL company, headed by the choreographer João Fiadeiro, who occupies an office/archive and a 100m2 studio on the first floor, where he develops a programmation that includes creation and diffusion of spectacles, workshops and hosting (residence) and coaching for emerging artists.

The first floor is the “heart“ of the Atelier REAL, wich is where we find the common spaces of the house – the yard and the kitchen – and the offices of the designers Marco Balesteros and Isabel Lucena, two of the most prominents designers of their geaneration; the studio of the  The Theatre Company João Garcia Miguel  a contemporary artistic structure founded in 2002 in Portugal; the office of, that works with production of spectacles and organization of cultural events and is heading now the european project Flâneur – New Urban Narratives. On the second floor of the Atelier REAL, we can find a REsidêncialAL,, space of temporary accomodations which, with five well equiped rooms, hosts artists in residence, academicians finalizing their masters or Phd theses, or even tourists searching for a laid-back, artistic and creative space in Lisbon.

At last, on the basement of the Atelier REAL, we can find the Bar IRREAL, explored by the Coletivo Irreal and that, beyond its menu that offers tapas, soups and bruschettas, has a very singular programmation in the city of Lisbon, with concerts of improvised music, poetry lectures and book launches.