Crazy facts about Chinese food you might wish to know earlier

Crazy facts about Chinese food you might wish to know earlier

“Chinese foods” is the world’s most common food but genuine Chinese foods have a lot of Western food variations! Fifteen truth or so to teach and shock you are here.

Food in China

  1. Biggest variety of flavours in the world – Not everyone is same!

Did you know that Chinese cuisine has five main flavours? Smell, acidic, salty, bitter and spicy flavours, which must be balanced according to traditional Chinese medicine. Sichuan cuisine for instance is famed for addictive spiciness, sweet or savoury Hong Kong cuisine is salty in the north and sour in the south. See regional cooking. Regional cooking.

  • North/South China’s Food Divide (Wheat/Rice)

The colder and drier north favours the cultivation of wheat, so most inhabitants consume knobs, wheat noodles, buns and stuffed buns. See North Kitchen. In the south the Chinese eat nearly every meal (and even larger types of fruit and vegetables) in bowls of rice or rice noodles and also consume wheat.

  • Eat almost everything that moves in China!

Externals are often surprised by the Chinese. Much Chino dish makes people like hotpot dogs, mosquitoes, scorpions, mice, rodents, ears of pigs, heads, feet, cores, lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines, and cooked blood feel strange or squeezed.

  • Enormous vegetable quantities

In China, fruits and vegetables are much more than in the west – almost twice as much fibre… The bowel movements result in Western movements double the scale!

  • Funny Variety of Plants

The crazy species is not confined to the “meats” of China… Many of the fruits and vegetables of China, as pomeloes, bitter cucumber, yard long yams, tree fungus and hundreds of untranslated weed-like species, you haven’t ever saw or heard of before.

  • In China it needs to be new – Spurned Food Canned/Frozen

There are plenty of wet markets in China – nearly one per city block. Every day a lot of Chinese go. The refrigerator freezers catch on, but fresh veg remains a must. Tins are scornful.

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