Facts About Steel

Facts About Steel

Steel is the most commonly used material. It is mostly used in buildings, steel tank manufacturers in UAE also use it a lot and also in different types of tools. It is among the many durable alloys and people who started companies of steel works and extractors, they don’t need to work for the next 80 years to come.

To keep water, cool and bacteria free, water tank manufacturers in UAE use this alloy a lot. If you want to invest your money in a guaranteed commodity then we suggest that you pour in all steel works but if you want surety then we suggest that you read more about facts of steel.

Recycle: you will be surprised to know that steel can also be recycled and since 1970s, the steel recycling business has doubled as compared to recycling of paper, plastic, glass and aluminium combined.

North America: if you are in North America then start the steel recycling business here, because 80 million tons of steel is recycled here each year.

Other Commodities: did you think that what can be made out of recycled steel? Well, 80 million tons of recycled steel is converted into 1400 pounds of coal, 2500 pounds of iron ore and 120 pounds of limestone.

No Loss: the products of steel can be recycled over and over again and without any loss.

Recycled Steel: if you think that you are buying raw steel for your building then you are wrong and never pay for such things because there is no thing as raw steel, even for your house construction, you will get recycled steel.

Water: you will be surprised to know that before technology, all the water was wasted for recycling the steel but now even the water is recycled.

Steel Production: when you extract steel from Earth, it still needs to go through many production processes and even since steel recycling has been introduced 34 percent of the production is reduced.

Recycled Car Steel: cars use maximum amount of steel and, in 2006, 14 million cars were recycled.

New Car Steel: because of recycled car steel, the new recycled steel is used in more than 12 million new cars.

First Steel Car: the very first steel car was made in 1918.

Steel Doors: if it wasn’t for 1918 car steels, we would not have car steel doors and these are vital thing in car that is made to protect the passengers and drivers.