Tips to help you extend the lithium-ion battery life

Tips to help you extend the lithium-ion battery life

Today, there is a lot of discussion on saving battery power, but we find less talk about how to take care of these units. Let’s talk about a few simple methods to ensure your battery lasts longer. Click here now to find out more or read on:

1. Keep the Batteries at Room Temperature

Keeping your battery at room temperature, around 20 degree centigrade is ideal. It is worst when your battery is fully charged and exposed to high temperatures. Don’t plug your device in your vehicle if it’s too hot as heat is the biggest factor that may reduce the life of your Li-ion power pack.

2: Avoid Buying Spare Packs in Bulk

Batteries tend to deteriorate with the passage of time. Hence, buying a spare one will be a mistake. Consider the aging factor when buying one and a pack that comes with the most recent date of manufacturing should be your choice.

3 Avoid Deep Discharge

Lithium-ion batteries do not require deep-discharge cycles. Experts suggest Li-ion units to be allowed to fully discharge after every 30 charges. However, following this practice will create a digital memory and reduce the power gauge accuracy. Therefore, allow the unit to discharge to the cut-off stage and then charge it again.

4: Don’t Recharge Deep Discharged Units

Try discharging a lithium-ion unit until the voltage drops below 2.5V, a built-in safety circuit is opened to make the battery appear dead. This case won’t allow you to use the original charger either. However, special battery analyzers can be used to see if the battery comes back to life again.

For safety reasons, don’t try recharging deeply discharged units, especially when you have stored them for several months.

5: Store it the right way

Although it’s great to have a spare battery pack, know that it won’t give you a backup time long enough like your original unit.

Lithium-ion battery packs are much better than other types of batteries. Follow the guidelines to help you get the most out of these power packs.

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