What to gift to your lady friend?

There are some great occasions in Islam which people will like to celebrate with a good spirit and they like to give gifts and receive them in these occasions. There are some gifts that are only for males and some are only for females so you have to select the gift carefully by having the gender of the receiver in your mind. Some of the gifts are good for both the genders like a Salah mat or a counter. If you want to give a gift to your lady friend then you have to search for the modest wear dubai or see here for ore inspirations:

Head scarf is the best gift which you can give to any of the lady and she will always adore that gift as it will be in the daily wear of that lady. You need to make sure that you will choose the scarf of bets quality and also choose the color which your friend likes. If you do not know about her favorite color then you can choose any color which you like the mist but I you take that in everyday colors like black, beige, off white and pink then they will go with any of the outfit and your friend will use that scarf easily on everyday basis.

Islamic journal is another mazing gift which you can give to your friend as most of the times girls are more in to writing their daily routine in a journal and having some goals in them so your friend will definitely like that gift in which she can record her Islamic progress and the daily reading of Quran. She will pray for your too when she record something good in that and you will also be rewarded so always make sure that you choose that gift which your friend will use and have benefit of it.

Counter is another gift which can be given to any gender but when you are buying that for a lady then you have to select a sleek design and lighter color because girls will like to have lighter colors and smaller items which they can easily carry to any place. If the counter is too big or heavy then they will get it difficult to use on daily basis, then they put them in some place.